Jitsubo’s approach for providing peptide therapeutics to patients worldwide

Before medical products can reach the patients who need them, a significant period of time is required for R&D, manufacturing and marketing, along with vast sums of capital and the support of many types of professionals. At Jitsubo, we are actively putting our efforts into supplying such medical products by channeling our own resources toward the research and development of peptide therapeutics, while outsourcing production and marketing operations through partnerships with manufacturing and pharmaceutical companies.

Based on this approach, Jitsubo recognizes the importance of continuously searching for business partners that can share resources and profits while jointly creating a vision for our products.

Peptide API Research Collaboration


In March 2018, Jitsubo Co., Ltd. entered into a strategic collaboration in peptide research with Neuland Group in India. Combining Jitsubo’s Molecular Hiving technology with Neuland’s specialized purification technology and peptide capabilities, we aim to jointly develop and provide high-quality  but affordable peptides to the market.

Neuland, headquartered in Hyderabad, India, with additional offices in the US and Japan, was established as a pharmaceutical group 34 years ago and has over a decade of experience in peptide research. Its peptide capabilities include solid phase, solution phase and hybrid phase peptide synthesis. Additionally, Neuland has developed a proprietary preparative HPLC purification technology which performs 10 to 20x better in throughput compared to the standard preparative HPLC technique.

Research and Development Collaborations

DS Pharma Animal Health Co., Ltd.

Jitsubo, together with DS Pharma Animal Health Co., Ltd., are conducting joint development and commercialization of JIT-9013, a veterinary medicinal product (‘VMP’). Jitsubo’s responsibilities include CMC development and manufacturing, while DSPAH will carry out all pre-clinical and clinical trials followed by the marketing of this VMP.

Heptares Therapeutics

Jitsubo and Heptares Therapeutics are collaborating on the development of novel peptide candidates designed to target a G protein-coupled receptor (GPCR) implicated in severe gastro-intestinal disorders.

By applying the platform technologies from both companies, Jitsubo’s Peptune™ and Molecular Hiving™, and Heptares’ StaR® and structure-based drug design, this collaboration provides an opportunity for the creation of innovative first-in-class peptide therapeutics that can contribute to diseases with unmet medical needs.

In parallel to this, Jitsubo is seeking further co-development and marketing partnerships for other products under development in its pipeline with leading pharmaceutical companies that can help Jitsubo achieve its goals of developing reliable and affordable innovative pharmaceutical products.

Technology Collaboration Partners

Jitsubo is seeking opportunities for joint research and development applying our core technologies, Molecular Hiving™ and Peptune™. With the goal of developing products with improved methods of administration, in particular, Jitsubo is aiming to form partnerships with pharmaceutical firms and biotech companies that possess distinctive formulation technologies.

In addition, Jitsubo has been carrying out collaborative research with Kazuhiro Chiba, Professor of Bioorganic Chemistry at Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology (http://web.tuat.ac.jp/~bio-org/E-home.html), for the past number of years. In this partnership Jitsubo focuses on the industrialization of the innovative peptide synthesis technologies invented by Prof. Chiba’s research group, representing an ideal cooperation model between academia and a university spin-off.