We provide reliable data with excellent peptide analysis technology.

We conduct quality tests that make use of the peptide analysis technology cultivated at our company, and we guarantee high quality peptides.
Quality Test
The Molecular Hiving method enables a high-purity peptide synthesis by carrying out a unique process analysis method which is impossible by the solid phase method. The synthesized peptides are based on the QC/QA quality control system and perform reliable quality tests. We conduct validation of the tests and analytical methods based on the reliability criteria according to the stage.
Setting Test Method
We set test methods such as impurity test and structural analysis of peptides synthesized according to purpose.
Analysis techniques

Peptide identification by LC/MS, structural analysis by MSMS, high isolation purity test, amino acid DL analysis, residual solvent, TFA and acetic acid measurement, moisture, IR, content etc.

Analysis equipment
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