New peptide discovery technology introducing various steric constraints

Peptune™ is a novel peptide modification technology which introduces new physical properties or steric changes by adding a cross-linking structure to the straight chain peptide and this can lead to an increase in pharmacological activity or stability.

In the past, it was difficult to synthesize this kind of cross-linking peptide by conventional methods, but we can achieve this using the Peptune™ technology leading to new chemical entities that have the potential to be excellent drug candidates and are applicable for patenting.

Special features

  • Peptide derivatives with differing structural constraints that can be created by introducing original amino-acid with cross-linkable substructure
  • Different molecules can be conjugated with reaction point (amine) on the bridge


  • Applying structural constraints makes it possible to improve PK profile, stability, solubility or selectivity
  • Peptide-drug conjugated compounds or other peptides with advanced functions can be developed

Peptune™  opens up future possibilities for discovering
and filing patents for new drug candidates.